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RC Stunt Car for Kids
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RC Cars Stunt Car Toy

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  • 【Electric Remote Control Car Anti-Interference】: 1/28 scale small size, stable, It maneuvers in any direction in just seconds with its miniature, sleek remote which is made to fit both children’s et adults’ hands. Off-road rc vehicle features a 2.4GHz transmitter for smooth & no interference control.
  • 【360 Degree Spins and Flips】: double sides running, forward, backward, turn left, turn right, 360 degree tumbling flipping. Give you the different experience. Active The car first, then the remote, so that they will in the same frequency. If not the indicator light blinks.
  • 【Soft Material Protection】: Made with environmental ABS plastic, Non-toxic and tasteless. Stable, strong, styble and funny. This remote control car for boys or grils is a great companion.
  • 【No Batteries Included- Non Rechargeable】: rc car needs 4*1.5V "AAA", the remote needs 2*1.5V "AA". This rc racing car NOT a rechargeable version, so NO rechargeable battery, No need USB charger neither. We suggest you buy rechargeable AAA Batteries before you play the rc toy car, it is more money-saving.
  • 【BEST Gift To Offer】: The stunts car is a perfect toy for young kids as it can be benefit their continuing brain development. Best holiday gift for the coming Xmas or new year, also for kids birthday.

Operation Guide

  • 1. Turn on the car first, then press power button on remote to pair two items.
  • 2. If two items do not in same frequency, the remote blinks.
  • 3. Push both lever towards upward, the car moves forward. Push both lever toward downward, the car moves backward.
  • 4. Push left lever upward while pushing the right lever downward, the car spin on the spot clockwise.
  • 5. Push left lever downward, the car spin on the spot counterclockwise.
  • 6. Push left lever upward, the car swing forward; push left lever downward, the car swing backward.

Product Feature

  • 1.Full functions double-sided stunt RC car
  • 2.360 Degree spinning and flip. 2.4 GHz frequency
  • 3.Max Speed 12km/h 7.5MPH
  • 4.Control Battery: 2 x 1.5V AA Battery ( not include)
  • 5.Car Battery: 4*1.5v "AAA"( not include)
  • 6. Non-rechargeable version, DO NOT NEED charger