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7 Smart Tips to Organize Your Kids’ Toys

Never trip over another toy again! Managing your kids’ toys is certainly one of the topmost challenges of parenthood. If you're not asking your children to clean up, you're sure to be on your hands and knees in the playroom at 9:00 pm trying to discover every last piece of toy. There has to be a better, more effective approach — and there is.

One of the best ways to organize kids' toys is to create an organized system that matches the natural propensity of your child. Therefore, we have rounded up 7 smart tips for organizing kids’ toys and games.

1. Limit the number of toys

When kids are overwhelmed with a lot of toys in a messy environment, they prefer to play with them for only a few minutes. It is recommended keeping only a few of each kind of toy around: a few games, a few puzzles, a few cans of Play-Doh. You can always give away or store the surplus toys.

2. Lose the boxes of toys

Building sets, blocks, and pretend play items that come in plastic boxes or cardboard add mess — and the piece never seems to fit back in precisely the right manner. Combining pieces from different sets encourage artistic play, as a child isn’t restricted to just one game.

3. Build a bookcase for toys

A wall of toy storage can do wonders. If you put up your shelves low enough, you can easily build make a bench on top. You can make them child-height to place more organizational bins up there. As your children grow, this storage can be used for keeping their books.

4. Group similar toys together

Place all the toy people in one bin, all the play food in another, all the animals in a new one. It’s best to group games that support cognitive thinking together. Not only does this systematize toys, but it also improves the cognitive functioning skill of your kids.

5. Apply hanging storage

The backs of doors can be used to hang shoe racks and pack them with odds and ends. It’s recommended to use transparent ones so your children can see what's inside.

6. Use under-bed storage

Rolling drawers under the couch or bed can be a game-changer. They can be used to put away lesser-used stuff like train tracks, board games, and niche craft goods. It’s a space you certainly don't want to waste.

7. Display toys on the wall

A wall rack of small toys looks great and helps with its effective organization. It works particularly well for toy cars. Children will enjoy selecting their rides and putting them back!


Keeping kids’ toys in check is more than just a day of decluttering or a new set of storage bins. You need to unclog regularly, set up an organizing system, handle incoming toys, and encourage yourself to stay organized. From kids' bedroom motivation to playroom ideas, follow these effective steps to organize kids’ toys, and make their playtime enjoyable.

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